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Michelle's Story

Michelle is a Spiritual Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Magic Mama, Blogger and Public Speaker.  Michelle is very empathetic, and was a target for bullies as a child and young adult.  Her Connection to the Spirit world was something she knew existed but she kept much of it within her family and close friends. In 2004 after the birth of one of her children, she was diagnosed with a Hereditary disease called SpinoCerebellar  Ataxia type 6. She was told that her health would continue to fail and that she would progress over her Adult life and  eventually be unable to talk or walk as a result.  By 2011, Michelle had been hospitalized several times with pain and illness, and was highly addicted to opiates as a result of being prescribed a  deadly dosage for a lengthy time.  Michelle started a road to recovery, trying to rebuild and focus on better days ahead. At age 36, Michelle and her husband were expecting a 4th child and faced a difficult pregnancy with complication , and Hospitalization. August 19, 2012 a very special baby boy was born, and after a short stay in the NICU, it finally looked like life for Michelle and her family was starting to get back to a new normal.  On May 15/2014 was the day everything changed.  Michelle was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, with a 7x7 tumor in her left breast, already spread to the lymph nodes.  For a lifetime, the one thing that always held Michelle back from exploring her Ability and not accepting herself was fear. Fear of death and now she stood facing her own mortality without any knowing if she would survive this or not. Michelle described this time as surreal.  She also knew there was one thing she had to believe in.  Herself and her connection to Spirit.  She made a Promise that she would not allow anyone else to tell her if she was going to live or not.  This was the time to flip the switch and start Living life NOW, with positive energy leading the way. After 6  months of chemo, and a bilateral left mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction, followed by  28 rounds of radiation and monthly hormonal treatment.  Michelle was cleared and Cancer free!  Making that intention.  Opening that door and claiming her place in the Universe began to Manifest her truth.  The darkest times in her life brought her to remembering her true self and back in the light!

Today Michelle works closely with the Spirit world, and her Guardian Angel Bronwen and her Spirit guide Erik.  She is able to use many avenues to Heal and transform her own life as well as assisting others on their own Journey.

Michelle brings forth messages, hope and guidance through inter-dimensional channeling, spirit portraits and ,energy healing.  Michelle also Speaks, teaches and writes transparently about her life and the experiences she has had along her path, and what she is experiencing every day as Her entire family has made a paramount transformation. Michelle often likes to talk about the interesting experiences her children bring forward from Spirit.  She feels that she is just as much a student as she is a teacher, and she loves to see others become empowered to be who they truly are!

Michelle describes the way she works with Spirit as Unique!  She respects her relationship to the spirit world and only connects with the light, and for the best of everyone involved! 

Follow along for posts on inspiration and personal stories and channeled messages. Michelle uses social media to also share her Spirit art and her metaphysical  mama stories, along with her passion for helping others who are raising open and empathetic children during these times of ascension. 



What Happens during a session?

Michelle Relies heavily on her  intuitive abilities and her relationship with spirit to  help guide her to what is best for you in any session .  Michelle suggests to Be prepared with questions to ensure that everything is covered, and there is nothing missed.  Who will come through in your session?  Your Experience may involve visits and messages with loved ones, Angels, Spirit guides and Multidimensional beings.  Michelle respects and understands the law of free will for all beings .  Who comes through in a session always stands true to what is for the highest and best for all. Michelle connects with your energy 15 minutes before your scheduled session time and prepares with her Guides as well as whom ever is wanting to join the session from the other side. When your session begins , Michelle sends out a light vibration so that the intention is set to open your heart and Mind , and help you awaken new perspective, healing and better understanding of yourself.

just as no two people are two sessions are alike. Michelle also offers First Light sessions, which are intended to assist those who are in the stages of transformation and awakening.   Michelle offers transnational Guidance from the Help of her Guides , helping you break out of patterns that no longer serve you and integrating the new energies that we have ascended into as a planet. your session will be as Unique as you are, and many describe a session with Michelle and her spirit team as Life changing


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